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Real People

Meet Suzy

Like so many of our health conscious customers, Suzy’s body shape changed although her diet and exercise routine hadn’t. See her Cryoskin story.

real people

Meet Astrid

Astrid’s smoother booty contours brought her renewed confidence when she said goodbye to cellulite.

Meet Will

Will’s slimmer stomach left him feeling a lot better about himself and a lot better in a bathing suit thanks to Cryoskin.


What They Say

"I’m 43, approximately 115 lbs. I work out regularly but eat unhealthy about 50% of the time. As I’ve gotten older my skin just isn’t as firm and I have quite a bit of cellulite to the point I don’t like wearing shorts anymore. 

I did one cryoslimming and 4 cryo toning sessions. Zero results I look exactly as I did before. It was great for immediate results that last a day or so - would be okay before a big event. But definitely does not last long at all."

"Was really not sure what to think when I had it done but I Lost 1 inch on my first session! 
Love it! Would definitely recommend it!"

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